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We'll get married (9th Dec 22 at 6:16am UTC)
He didn't call her, he didn't text her, she dialed back, it was just a busy signal. After calling many times, she finally threw her cell phone away, swept her eyes to the photo album at the head of the bed, and got up and pulled it out. Turning to the last page, she froze. She thought it would be a blank, but the photo taken away by Cao Chenfeng was inserted intact in place. Solo Photo (2)- The next day, Qin Moyao returned home early in the morning. His cell phone has been unable to get through, she suspected that Cao Chenfeng did not go home last night, but opened the door to go in, but saw his car keys on the dining table. The door of the bedroom was wide open, but the curtains were drawn tightly. He was still sleeping in bed, lying on the pillow. Even if he was alone, he still occupied only half of the bed. In fact, he sleeps very well, at least much better than her. In the first month of their marriage, she rolled up the quilt almost every night, and the air conditioning in the room was so strong that he almost caught a cold. Later, he had to have a quilt for each person,shuttle rack system, so as not to compete for limited resources. .^ She felt that the indoor air was too bad and went to open the window. When he opened the curtains, the sunlight came in, and it was already a little dazzling, but he didn't look like he was going to wake up at all. Only then did she realize that he had gone straight to sleep without taking off his shirt. She went over and smelled it. Sure enough, there was a smell of alcohol on his body. She was so bored that she didn't even bother to wake him up. He went back to the living room to make a shopping list and planned to go to the supermarket later. When he went back to the master bedroom to change his clothes, he had already woken up and leaned against the head of the bed and glanced at her lightly: "When did you come back?" "Not long.." Where were you last night? Why didn't you call me? "I forgot." He simply took two words as an explanation, got up from the bed and went to the bathroom of the master bedroom to take a shower. She was dissatisfied with his perfunctory attitude, but when he turned around,heavy duty cantilever racks, he had already entered the bathroom and closed the door, leaving her a silent and tall figure, with no intention of explaining. Qin Moyao inexplicably felt suffocated, she quickly changed her clothes, pulled down the sheets and quilts, stuffed them all into the washing machine, and replaced them all with new ones, smoothed them, folded them, and felt better. When he went out to change his shoes in the entrance, he just came out of the bedroom. She held back her anger and tried to ask him calmly: "What do you want to eat at noon? I'm going to the supermarket to buy food now." "No, I'll go out and come back in the evening." He began to bow his head in his tie and walk to the living room without looking at her again. Her good temper was so exhausted that she didn't even bother to say goodbye to him, closed the door and left. They spent the next week completely in the cold war. She did not know where she had provoked him to be so dissatisfied with her, but it was the norm after marriage that his mood would be abnormal from time to time. When he was good, drive in racking system ,warehousing storage solutions, he could say anything and let her order him; when he was bad, he could stay under the same roof for several days and completely ignore her. She had thought that he was easy to get along with because he was calm, polite and silent, but in fact he was not. Their mutual respect before marriage has completely become mutual respect after marriage. Fortunately, she has begun to get used to this mode of getting along with each other, and has not had high expectations for their marriage from the beginning, so she is not too disappointed, otherwise she must be a resentful woman now. After only three months of marriage, Qin Moyao wondered why she felt so tired. And she believed that Cao Chenfeng probably held the same view. She tried hard to play the role of a wife, but she failed in every way. And most importantly, he was completely ungrateful. Then why should she ask for trouble! The best way to deal with such a frustrating situation is to work overtime. She often finishes work in the early hours of the morning and goes back. If he is not asleep, he is dealing with business. She takes a shower and goes to the guest room to sleep with the quilt. Staggered work and rest time, buffering each other's growing veil, they are like any couple, even if there are many contradictions, they still have to live. It was Friday after a three-day live interview at the front line of the Economic, Trade and Cultural Forum.
Out of the studio in the evening, Qin Moyao received a phone call from Chang Mu, "I just came back today, when is it convenient for you to send Scabbers here?" She looked up at her watch. It was still early. "Are you free now?"? You wait for me in Merry, and I'll treat you to a midnight snack. She went back to her parents' home. Before her father came back, Xu Qin was watching TV in the living room. She came to help her open the door. She looked surprised: "Why did you come here at this time? Did you have dinner?" "I just got off work and ate. Where are Scabbers?" She changed her shoes and went inside, finding the small ball of white meat on the sofa. Seeing her coming, Scabbers immediately jumped down from the sofa and jumped to her feet. Would you like to have a midnight snack? Xu Qin followed behind, watching her embrace Scabbers to go, "do you want to take it home?" "If a friend wants it, I'll give it to him." She explained simply and changed her shoes again and went out. Chang Mu was still waiting. She had no time to delay. Under the porch, she hesitated for a moment and finally turned around and said, "Aunt Qin, I'm sorry to trouble you during this time." "There's nothing to be polite about being a family." Xu Qin leaned in the doorway, wringing her hands together, and said shyly, as if she was used to her cold attitude, and it was not natural to thank her like this. Qin Moyao withdrew his eyes, but said nothing more, returned to the yard, got into the car, put Scabbers on the copilot, and started the car out. Remembering Xu Qin's appearance just now, she could not help feeling that she was also a little pitiful. Although she had married Qin Qiming as she wished, she had to swallow her pride and endure humiliation for so many years. She forced herself to show great concern for her and never raised her head in front of her. She had never understood why her father did not love her mother, whose appearance, identity and temperament were much better than Xu Qin's, but now it seems that many things can not be forced. In Meili, there was a long line at the takeout place in the evening. She went up to the private room on the second floor. Chang Mu was already waiting. He just got off the plane, but he was in good spirits. When he saw her, he smiled as usual. He reached out and hugged Scabbers and put it on his lap. He said with a smile,asrs warehouse, "I thought you were joking. Are you really willing to send me?" "I've brought it all here, and there are fake ones?" She ordered and asked him with a smile, "Will you take care of it for me?" 。 jracking.com
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